Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 Application

An individual with a minimum of 15 years of service in the district who:

● Has created/led programs that are innovative.
● Has created/led programs that are inspirational to students.
● Has enhanced student achievement throughout their career.
● Has shown outstanding leadership in mentoring other educators.
● Has positively involved their school community in the successful life of the school//district.
● Has actively participated in professional organizations to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
● Is a distinguished example to others of excellence in the field of education.
Give examples of the relevance of this person’s accomplishments.
Be sure to define all acronyms used in your nomination.


Eligibility: Certified Employees and Administrators

Nominator Eligibility: All District Employees

  1) Your Name:
  2) Your eMail Address:  
  3) Your Job Title or Affiliation to Nominee:  

  4) Nominee Complete Name:
  5) Nominee's Years of Service:
  6)Nominee's Occupation:  
  7) Subject Nominee Teaches:  
  8) Nominee School(s):  
  9) Nominee's School District:  
Using between 300 to 500 words, please describe why you nominated this individual and how they positively impact student achievement. Please share any data that would be helpful and include examples of how this individual provides leadership in the school and/or community, how their enthusiasm inspires others, and any of their accomplishments.