Teacher of the Year Award 2020 Application

An exemplary teacher dedicated to the mission of educational excellence who exhibits the
following qualities:

● Is an overall outstanding educator who students demonstrate high achievement.
● Strong integrity.
● Leadership qualities.
● Positive relationships with students, staff, and community which reflect honesty, trust, and respect.
Give examples of the relevance of this person’s accomplishments.
Be sure to define all acronyms used in your nomination.


Eligibility: Teachers

Nominator Eligibility: District Administration, Principals & Assistant Principals

1) Your Name:
2) Your eMail Address:  
3) Only Principals and Assistant Principals can nominate a Teacher for the Teacher of the Year Award. Are you the Principal or Assistant Principal of the Nominee?  

4) Nominee Complete Name:
5) Grade Nominee Teaches:  
6) Subject Nominee Teaches:  
7) Nominee School(s):  
8) Nominee's School District:  
Using 300 words or less, please describe the nominee's dedication to educational excellence.
Using 200 words or less, please tell us how student achievement is affected by this individual. Use specific data if available.
Using 200 words or less, please explain how the nominee demonstrates integrity, leadership, and positive relationships.